Half-Orc/Half-Elf Rogue



STR 14 ( +2)
DEX 20 ( +5)
CON 14 ( +2)
INT 15 ( +2)
WIS 11 ( +0)
CHA 16 ( +3)

Preferred weapons: Rapier +1 ( +10 TH; d8 +5 dam); Recurve short bow of Grandua’s People ( +11 TH; d8 +4 dam)
Sneak attacks ( +3d6); savage attacks

Arcane Trickster

9th level, proficiency bonus +4


Sutha is the product of the machinations of Cealforma, an evil sorcerer who delighted in experimenting with the different sentient races. A half-orc/half-elf, Sutha represents a very unusual heritage, and has found that her elvish heritage helps to smooth the difficulties of her orcish heritage. She managed to escape from Cealforma’s lair as a child, with the help of a fellow prisoner/victim, and was able to find work as a cook for the Green Company. She soon found that the scrounging needs of a company on campaign helped her develop her skills as a rogue, while allowing her to continue to work with her closest friend, her fellow prisoner from Caelforma’s workshop.


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