Tharivol Liadon

Elf Wizard


STR 12 ( +1)
DEX 18 ( +4)
CON 16 ( +3)
INT 20 ( +5)
WIS 12 ( +1)
CHA 12 ( +1)

Preferred weapons: Longsword +1 ( +5 TH; d8/d10 +1 dam); Longbow ( +8 TH, d8 +4 dam);
Staff of Warding
Spell Save DC 17; Spell bonus +9

Level 9; proficiency bonus +4


One of few survivors of the lost Elven city of Elgarial, which was destroyed by the red dragon Formithrax roughly a century ago. He spent the decades thereafter in seclusion in the forest of Gelthuil, recovering his sanity from the trauma. His self-imposed exile ended when a band of orcs happened across his hut and destroyed it looking for loot. With a combination of archery, elvish woodcraft, and a few well-placed Magic Missiles and Burning Hands, he killed the orcs. Without a home, at that point he decided it was time to rejoin the world, and he joined the Green Company as a junior member of its Wizards corps.

Tharivol Liadon

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