Dragonborn Fighter



STR 20 ( +5)
DEX 13 ( +1)
CON 15 ( +2)
INT 14 ( +1)
WIS 10 ( +0)
CHA 12 ( +1)

Preferred weapons: Claw of Chaos (bonded) ( +10 TH; 2d6 +6 dam); Heavy Crossbow ( +5 TH; d10 +1 dam)
Great Weapon Master fighting style; Breath weapon
Eldritch Knight; spell save DC 14, Spell attack bonus +6

Level 9; proficiency bonus +4


Torinn is descended from the Brass Dragon Mellibox, though he has not fully explored the ramifications of his heritage. Driven from his home village of Nemlin after winning a fight with the village leader’s son, he has traveled for most of his life. He was captured by Cealforma, an evil sorcerer, who probably had ambitions of experimenting with Torinn’s dragon heritage. Fortunately for Torinn and his closest friend, Sutha, Caelforma underestimated his draconic abilities. Torinn was able to break free from his cell and free Sutha; after some wandering, the two of them eventually came to the headquarters of the Green Company, which recruited Torinn as a line soldier and Sutha as a cook. They have been together ever since.


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