Letter on Keavan's desk

My Dear Councilmen Stivro and Ricor,

I am writing to thank you for your generosity concerning the Green Company; we have been more than compensated for our trouble in taking them with the unexpected degree of our profits in the sales of their human survivors. The slave trade with the southern cities of the Rocky Coast proved quite willing to take on so many young, able bodies.

Moreover, the surviving non-humans have proven most useful in Garnulf’s studies. Their sacrifice to our dread patron Gothrag has yielded more than enough blood to consecrate our entire battalion stationed in our compound outside Thornhedge. It’s quite remarkable just how much blood one dwarf contains, and Gothrag has promised great rewards for those who partake of it in his ongoing campaign.

Our force stands ready to aid you as you consolidate your control of your colleagues, Elrag, Flora, and Gearge, and further dedicate the city to the service of Gothrag. I have it on best authority that the orc tribes of the northern steppes also stand ready to share in the upcoming conquest in our patron’s name.

Remember particularly what we had agreed about the fate of young Bernard. He must never take the throne of Thornedge, and his blood will be of much more savor to Gothrag than any other.

Yours in bondage to dread Gothrag,

Keavan of the Black Company

In the hand of my servant, Shandar the Irritable

Letter on Keavan's desk

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