Dwarf Cleric of Thor


STR 16 ( +3)
DEX 15 ( +2)
CON 20 ( +5)
INT 12 ( +1)
WIS 20 ( +5)
CHA 12 ( +1)

Weapons: Danish Bearded Axe +1 ( +7 TH, d12 + 3 dam); Heavy Crossbow ( +6 TH, d10 +2 dam)

Life domain; Spell DC 17, Spell attack bonus +9

9th level; proficiency bonus +4


Artin: Dwarven cleric of Thor; Artin is the only member of the adventuring party not to have served with the Green Company. A resident of the city of Thornhedge for the past twenty years, she operates a humble chapel of Thor for the benefit of other expatriate dwarves in the city. The chapel is located just outside Thornhedge, between the city and the compound belonging to the Black Company. Artin has not been happy with the sounds she has been hearing from the compound, but has not been able to investigate yet. Originally from the Dwarven province of the Finger HIlls, she is a hill dwarf, and relatively comfortable around humans. Her hero is the great cleric of Thor Durkon Thundershield, famous across the planes.


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