Egarian the Quick

Half-Elf Ranger


STR 17 ( +3)
DEX 16 ( +3)
CON 14 ( +2)
INT 9 (-1)
WIS 15— ( +2)
CHA 14 ( +2)

Dual wielder; preferred weapons: pair of Talons +2 ( +9 TH; d8 +5 dam); longbow ( +7 TH; d8 +3 dam); 2 attacks/round

Beast master with a wolf, Siver Hunter.


Egarian the Quick: Half-elf Ranger; he was raised by his Elvish mother in the village of Abreth. He was always most comfortable in the forest, and often ranged into the nearby forest of Gelthuil, which eventually became a good place to hunt orcs and goblins. When he came of age, he joined the Green Company as a scout; he served in several seasons’ campaigns, scouting the territory and serving on the combat line in three encounters, the battles of Evan’s Crossing, Meandering Brook, and the disastrous final battle of the Green Company at Elgor’s Fields.

Egarian the Quick

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